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  • this is the life…

  • so right now im in irinas room (my 14 year old owner-ish i love her! she gives me all the affection!!!!! anyways im laying my head down but unfortuantly i cant show you cause this computer is 13 years old! so i have no pictures of me. on here. anyway in laying my head down on irinas fluffly cirlce pillow.

  • but lately all the snow has disappeared and rain has replaced it. @penny i agree with you on the rain. i HATEEE rain then i have to get dried when i come in. thats no fun. becuase my paws are really sensitive

  • so i love snow i love eating it and when im outside and its snowy i go crazy expecially when irinas out side playing with me

  • SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg omg i love snow going crazy eating snow yipeee…..

  • So recently I found out tht I am allergic to these buzzing bugs tht pinch peopl they’re called bees I got stung by a lot an had to go to the vets which I hide behind my owners legs thankfully I am all better

  • all im doing is running around for joy… yipee. now im bored

  • im bored anyone want to play?

  • im sleeping

  • so thats whats new…. ooohh i think i just saw a half empty peanutbutter jar falll . nope its m imagination good nite

  • so OH YEAHHHH my owner ms rose has a home child care with little kids young but not as old as irina whos “thirteen.” i think….

  • life is boring i am outside right now sitting. my girl irina is inside doing “homework” and nik my boy is watching “tv inthe basement” on a screen full of moving colors. how odd….

  • i like my family. they are nice. i make them go hahhahah and heheheh. i am a good girl, and a good dog!

  • but now my neck smells like poop! that is good in my opinion

  • you see they have something called “invisible fence” i am ok, i actually am glad for it cause i can run around in our 2.5 acre land. the shocking isnt too, bad i know were my boundrys are and theres one inside where foxys /laundry rooms is. there is the bath tub so my owner took of my collar (theres no diffrence i think.) and then tryed to trick…[Read more]

  • thank you!!!! so today funniest thing happened. i went into our pond and then right after i rolled in poop. my owner did not like this so whil the kids irina and nik went away to school my owner “rose” tried to put me in the bath but i said no so she scrubbed me with a dry towel.

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