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  • Snow will be here soon 🙁

  • It’s raining and getting cold… I don’t like this.

  • Can’t wait to go to Pap & Nana’s on Saturday

  • Welcome to Pezoogle Schnitzel!!!

  • Nice. Good luck helping your mom and dad training her!!!

    In reply to - bentley posted an update I’m getting a little sister at the end of the month.. Her name is Gracie.. I’m excited.. I won’t be the Probie anymore…LOL · View
  • Spring is here, I can finally run in the yard again!!!

  • They’re good, thanks for asking.

  • It’s raining and I reallllly hate to go out in the rain but I really have to go to the bathroom!!!

  • Going to Pap and Nana’s tomorrow… Can’t wait 🙂

  • Fall is here and I’m not liking the cold in the mornings!!!

  • I’m not feeling well this morning, I didn’t even want my treat after going out 🙁

  • Both bows are gone now! My ears are back to normal.

  • Got my hair cut yesterday and I already lost a bow 🙁

  • What kind of class r u going to?

    In reply to - bowser posted an update I had my first class yesterday. It was awesome: LOTS of food. And Mom shared a fruit pop with me today. :3 · View
  • @bailey Welcome to Pezoogle!!!

  • @bowser Welcome to Pezoogle, hope you have fun 🙂

  • Just got done playing with Pap and now it’s time for my meds 🙁

  • All it would take is one celeb to be here and this could blow up (in a good way)

    In reply to - bentley posted an update Well, I guess I’ll just have to see if I can have my dad reach her and get her to sign up..>LOL · View
  • There is a story about Tinkerbell on but we wish she was here to 🙂

    In reply to - bentley posted an update My daddy googled Pezoogle and He found an ad with tinkerbell whos human is Paris Hilton,,, but I can’t find her,,,, on here · View
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