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The @ sign is used to call out usernames in post, like this: Hello @Pezoogler! When a username is preceded by the @ sign, it becomes a link to a Pezoogle profile. See also @Mentions.


The personal image uploaded to your Pezoogle profile in the Settings tab of your account.

Blocked Senders List

A list of domain names and e-mail addresses that you want to be blocked.


Favorites are bookmarks of post or images that you found interesting, they are then listed under your Wall Favorites tab.


Friends are people you connect and share with on Pezoogle. See also Friends.


Groups are close circles of people that share and keep in touch on Pezoogle. See also Groups.


Clicking Like is a way to give positive feedback and connect with things you care about. Likes accumulate for everyone that Likes a topic to show overall popularity.

Log In

The act of signing in to one’s Pezoogle account or any third party application.


A Social Network especially for animals; dogs, cats, birds, reptiles… The social life of an animal.


One who interacts with other animals online.  A pet and a human in a mutual online experience.


Phishing scammers send fraudulent messages to a large number of people, in an attempt to trick them into revealing private information, like a password. An email or website may be disguised to appear legitimate


A Pezoogle page displaying information about a user, as well as all the Post they have posted from their account. See also Editing My Profile.


Safe Recipients List

A list of email mailing lists and domain names that you belong to and want to receive messages from.

Safe Senders List

A list of domain names and e-mail addresses that you want to receive messages from.


Use your account settings to manage basic account preferences. You can edit your name or email info, change your notifications preferences, turn on extra s…


Unwanted messaging or following on Pezoogle. We work hard to eliminate it.


A Uniform Resource Locator (URL) is a web address that points to a unique page on the internet.


Your Wall is the space on your profile where you and friends can post and share.

Login Please

To start connecting please log in first. You can also create an account.