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How to view your Profile

From your Wall Page Menu click on Profile.

How to edit your Profile

  1. From your Wall Page Menu click on Profile.
  2. From your My Profile page click on the Edit Profile tab.
  3. Change;
  • Full Name
  • Location details for Zip Code and State
  • Personal details for birth date, gender, species, breed, likes/dislikes etc…
  • Enter your Humans name
  • Click on the Save Changes button.

How to add/update your Profile Photo (Avatar)

  1. From your Wall Page Menu click on Profile.
  2. From your My Profile page click on the Change Photo tab.
  3.  Choose your new profile photo and upload the image
How to delete your Profile Photo (Avatar)
  1. From your Wall Page Menu click on Profile.
  2. From your My Profile page click on the Change Photo tab.
  3. Click the Delete Photo link below your current profile photo.

Your Wall

Q. How do I delete a post or comment on my wall?
A. When viewing post or comments on your wall click the delete link next to the post title to remove it from your wall.


Post have a Favorite button so that you can bookmark post that you have an interest in. This adds a link in your Favorites tab so you can easily review and return to your Favorite Post.


Members can add each other as friends, this allows them to communicate and track each other easily. Connect and share with the pets in your life.


Make Friends

  1. From your Wall Page you will see a list of possible friends on the right hand side of the screen. These potential friends have been found for you by Pezoogle.
  2. If you know someone on Pezoogle then simply visit there Wall and from the Wall Menu click on Add Friend. A friend request will be sent to this pet for you automatically.


Groups allows any member to create a group around a common interest or purpose. Start your own sub-community by creating a Pezgoole Group today, here’s how…

  1. From your Wall Page Menu click on Groups, then click the Create a Group button and follow the create groups wizard steps.
  2. Fill in the required fields for; Group Name and Group Description. Then click the Create Group and Continue button.
  3. Enter the Group Settings for your Group Gallery and Public/private options. Then click the Next Step button.
  4. Choose and upload an Avatar for your Group. Then click the Next Step button.
  5. Invite friends from your friend list to your new Group. Then click the Finish button.
Privacy Options
When creating a group, you have the option of making your group Public, Private, or Hidden.

  1. Public groups are visible in all group directories. The contents of the group – activity updates, forum posts is publicly accessible. Anyone in the Pezoogle community can join a Public group.
  2. Private groups are also visible in group directories. The group name and group description remain available for all to see. However, the contents of the group are accessible only to members. Moreover, group membership is controlled: members of your broader Pezoogle community must request membership, which can only be granted by a group administrator.
  3. Hidden groups are invisible to non-members. These group names and descriptions are not listed in sitewide directories, and their contents are accessible only to members of the group. Because the group is unlisted, users cannot request membership. Instead, individuals can only join the group by invitation.


The Group Calendar offers the ability for groups to coordinate and organize events. There are unlimited uses for this functionality, including play dates, festivals, performance schedules, business promotions, networking, learning, events, etc. While creating new events, the user can see upcoming events that are scheduled for that specific group, as well as scroll ahead by month or year. This helps keep your group on track without double-booking.

Easily Manage and Update Events
Past events can be left on the calendar or users can delete them. When creating a new group, the group creator has the option to allow moderators and/or group members to create and modify events for the group. This is done on a group by group basis. Users may also view future events and load the calendar month by month or for the entire year.


The Like button lets a user share your content with friends on Pezoogle. Click the Like button on a Post on Pezoolge and share with your Pezoogle community what you are interested in.

Likes accumulate to show popularity in a particular post. See how many users already like this Post, and which of their friends like it!

Click the Like button on a Post to tell everyone you like it or click on the Show Likes button on a post to see who else enjoys that post.


Allows members to message each other privately so discussion doesn’t have to be “out in the open”.


The invitation option in Pezoogle allows you to invite other pets to join you online and make friends. Pezoogle does not share these invites or there emails with any third-party and does not use the invite email address to contact the invitee for any other reason than to provide your secure invitation to Give it a try!

  1. From your Wall Page Menu click on Send Invites.
  2. Enter the pets name and email address that you wish to invite to
  3. Additionally you may enter a personal message to the invitee.
  4. You may also wish to include a friend request with this invite and grow your online community.
  5. Click the Send Invite button to make more friends.


Show off your favorite photos, videos or audio to the world.

Upload directly to your Gallery or Post on your wall then organize and share with others in your Gallery.

  1. From your Wall Page Menu click on Gallery.
  2. To view a group or larger images click on a thumbnail.
  3. Filter your Gallery by Content
    1. Click the Photo tab in the Gallery to view only images
    2. Click the Video tab in the Gallery to view only videos
    3. Click the Audio tab in the Gallery to view only audio
  4. Add Content
    1. Click the Add button on a Gallery thumbnail
  5. Edit Content
  6. Delete Content

What is a Mention?

A mention is any Pezoogle update that contains an @username anywhere in the body of the post.
When a user name is posted with an @ (mention) then readers may click on the @mention to follow more post and content related to that Pezoogler. Try it out in your next post, just add your post like normal then when mentioning a friend use the @ (AT) sign before the user name, Pezoogle will do the rest.
Example @mention post

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