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“The steady increase in pet ownership confirms that a growing number of us are realizing pets truly enhance our lives,” said Bob Vetere, managing director and COO of APPMA. “Pets not only provide unconditional love and affection, research now shows they also provide significant health benefits.”

How Many Pets are out there?

According to the two-thousand-eight national pet owners survey, there are almost seventy-five million (75 mil.) dogs living in U.S. households. That means almost forty percent of U.S. households include a canine companion.

Americans families consist of approximately;

    • 75 million dogs
    • 90 million cats
    • 139 million freshwater fish
    • 9 million saltwater fish
    • 16 million birds
    • 18 million small animals
    • 11 million reptiles.

Part of the Family

All this might be why pets are now an integral part of the family. Three-quarters of dog owners consider their dog like a child or family member and more than half of cat owners say the same.

The demographics indicate that the person most responsible for purchasing pet products is a 46 year old woman.

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