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Pets tend to follow their humans wherever they go, so why not even into their virtual worlds? Social networks shouldn't be limited to just people, there's no reason why your pet should be left out of the mix. Online networks targeting pet lovers are common, but they don't cater to the pets themselves... until now!

Meet Pezoogle, the first social network for pets from the pets perspective! At Pezoogle pets write messages to one another about shared interests and offer advice on health problems, training or local pet-friendly parks and even allow you to find a new friend for your human to adopt or sponsor. Some members may even enlist their humans to arrange offline play dates. Animals are natural social-networking creatures.


Pezoogle opens to the public January 2012

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What is it?

Pezoogle [pez-ooh-gul] - noun
1. A Social Network especially for animals; dogs, cats, birds, reptiles...
2. The social life of an animal.

Pezoogler [pez-ooh-gul-er] - noun
1. One who interacts with other animals online.
2. A pet and a human in a mutual online experience.

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